Zimbabwe opposition in buoyant mood
Tendai Biti, the secretary-general of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, claimed a 'tsunami' of a victory over President Robert Mugabe
Bush and Brown in push to deal with crisis
George W. Bush, US president, and Gordon Brown, UK prime minister, have agreed to step up co-operation over the crisis in financial markets
Georgian leader warns against Nato veto
Denying Georgia and Ukraine the right to move towards Nato membership would amount to appeasement of Russia, according to Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia's president
US praises Chinese economic policies
Hank Paulson, US Treasury secretary, will tell leaders in Beijing this week that the renminbi's recent appreciation is 'significant and welcome', according to a top US official
UK weighs release of data on prescribing
The government is considering making public the full details of 700m prescriptions issued by general practitioners each year
Russian weapons sales to China fall
Russian arms exports to China dropped 62 per cent last year, new data show, potentially marking the beginning of the end of high-volume arms transfers
Pakistani leader promises talks with militants
The new prime minister has pledged to negotiate with Islamic militants, a move that is likely to heighten US concerns over Islamabad's commitment to fighting al-Qaeda
Regional tensions mar Arab League summit
Efforts to isolate Syria are likely to intensify following the summit in Damascus, which was shunned by several key leaders over deadlock in Lebanon
'Open skies' leads to more transatlantic flights
The more liberal regime ushers in a new era of much tougher competition, with the most immediate impact to be felt at Heathrow
Clinton gains surprising convert
When Bill Clinton was on the ropes over the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1999, Hillary Clinton famously alleged that her husband was the victim of a "vast right-wing conspiracy"
India steels itself against inflation
India is expected to ask domestic iron ore producers to lower prices as part of emergency measures aimed at stemming an alarming jump in inflation
US sends in back-up for Iraqi offensive
The US was forced to send in reinforcements on Friday as Iraqi security forces admitted they were having difficulties subduing radical Shia militants in the south of the country
Obama faces prejudice on all sides
Ten days after Barack Obama delivered what many described as a historic speech on race, his relationship with the black community still remains an issue
Japan price rises fuel growth fears
Japanese consumer prices surged to another 10-year high in February while unemployment rose, squeezing disposable incomes and intensifying concerns about economic growth
ECB takes new steps to ease markets
Fresh measures to combat market tensions were unveiled by the European Central Bank even as scares about inflation reduced the scope for cutting its main interest rate